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Publications and Presentations

Some of our outputs, past and future…

Kaye Towlson and Julia Reeve’s guest-edited issue of the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice June 2014

Julia Reeve’s presentation from the HEA Arts & Humanities Conference March 2016

Occasional Paper by Julia Reeve and Mhairi Morris based on our workshop at the Vitae conference in 2016: Visualising your research with infographics: theory and practice (p27-35).

Julia Reeve’s article Embodied Creativity: Messiness, Emotion and Academic Writing (p24-27) for Creative Academic Magazine 8 2017, which had the theme of The Role of the Body in Creative Processes & Practices

Kaye Towlson and Julia Reeve have submitted a Pen Portrait: ‘Playful writing with Writing PAD’ for the forthcoming book The Power of Play in HE: Creativity in Tertiary Learning by Dr Alison James and Chrissi Nerantzi to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2018.

Kaye and Julia will be running a seminar for the DMU Institute for Educational Futures in April 2018: Embodied Creativity: using techniques from the arts to aid engagement with academic writing and research across disciplines and levels.

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