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Dissertation Drawing POD with Arts and Festivals Management Students

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Thanks very much to Jacqui Norton, Senior Lecturer in Arts and Festivals Management, for this blog post: Jacqui attended our Creative Connections event in 2016, and was inspired by Harriet Edwards’ drawing workshop.  She has used Harriet’s techniques, including drawing a building to visualise a research topic, to great effect with her third year students.  The use of the relaxed Vijay Patel POD space, with its views of University buildings, added visual stimulation to the workshop.

Drawing in the POD
Dissertation Drawing in the POD

After attending the Creative Connections Writing PAD conference a couple of summers ago for my own PhD Research, I was very inspired by the new creative learning techniques experienced.  During Enhancement Week this year, I was able to put what was learnt during the drawing workshop into practice with my own students.  Along with my colleague, Katie Whyley, we set up a ‘Dissertation Drawing POD.’ One of our students sums up the workshop and confirms we met our key goal!

Dissertation Drawings in Progress
Dissertation Drawings in Progress

“The dissertation workshop was extremely helpful, we worked in a different environment that was very relaxed and used creative and fun ways to talk about and plan our dissertation- it feels a lot less scary now!” (Arts & Festivals Management  Student)

A finished Dissertation Drawing
A finished Dissertation Drawing

Jacqui Norton

You can read more about Harriet Edwards’ work with research students here


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